Pickle Jar is gorgeous high‑resolution images of everyday India, completely free to use for anything.

365 photographs

We’ve had a good year, and there’ll be no more updates after August 2016. Thank you to everyone who visited and shared photos, we’ll keep the site going as long as we can so you can still use the 365 photos that are up here. Have a ball with them, and we’re still happy to see what you’re doing with them on our remixes tumblr, so contact us there.

We want to represent the colour and character of the India we know for use as palettes, backgrounds, wallpapers, everywhere that image stock is wanting and the need is satisfied by generic international imagery. This isn’t the Taj Mahal, crowded streets and dolled up cows… this is the India we live in, today. The everyday India.

All images on Pickle Jar are licensed under Creative Commons Zero which means the photographer has waived all their rights worldwide, in perpetuity and you are allowed to “copy, modify, distribute and perform the work, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission”.

Model & Property releases: Although the images themselves are free to use, in some cases the subjects themselves have a stronger claim to their privacy or image than the photographer has the right to release. If the image contains an identifiable person, or copyrighted artwork, company logo, object or property of any kind, it may be important to get a specific release from the relevant party for your particular use. Ask a lawyer!


Can I use the images commercially? Do I have to attribute?

You can use the images commercially and do not have to attribute the photographer at all. However it takes a lot of work to make the great photographs we feature and if you can, it’s always the good thing to do to reach out to the photographer, attribute or let them know how you used the work.

In addition, any models, property or other artwork featured in the image may have its own set of rights associated with it. Be respectful when you use the work and never imply endorsement.

What is endorsement?

When you use a photograph in a way that implies that the photographer, model or object in the photo have used, or like, your product/service, that’s endorsement.

For example, don’t imply that:

— a photograph was taken with your camera or equipment, or processed with your software, with your assistance, etc.
— the model has used your product or service, or is testifying for your service, etc.

This is by no means an extensive explanation and does not constitute legal advice, so check on laws pertaining specifically to your use case, in your country of jurisdiction.

Can I resell the photos?

If you’re adding value, absolutely. If you’re taking them as is, nope.

Use a photograph as a base for art of your own, sell a poster, use it on client work, websites, advertising, collateral, sure, have a ball. Make a tshirt with an image on it, paint your own version, extract the colour to create a palette, perfect. Start your own photo site and charge for our photos, stop, not cool.

Can I have a photo commissioned?

Yes, if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for but love the work on here, get in touch with us and let us know what you’re looking for.

Are all the photos in India?

Yes, all photos we feature are shot within India. There is a lot of stock photography around the world and we wanted to create a space that represented India in a modern, real and internal light. It’s a view of India, by India, from within India.

If you’re interested in doing the same for you city/country, get in touch with us… we’d love to help.

Who are you, why are you doing this?

We’re web developers in Bangalore and all too often we’ve mocked up websites with stock to represent photographs that will be shot in the future. We end up using international imagery that simply did not fit the character we wanted and wished there was a better way. So we’re building it.

Why free and attribution-less?

This is a continuous and important discussion, but the most valuable result to us is fill the public domain with images that represent India in a way that we’re proud of. If you have the budget and need photography, hire a photographer you respect and work with them; but if you need free stock photography (and we’ve been there), we’d like it to be great and we’d rather you not be tied up in restrictions. Go forth, make good art.